What value can you get from your employee benefits plan?

Employee benefits are an important part of your employee experience, and an important but often misunderstood business expense. In unpredictable times you want to ensure that your employee benefits plan is providing maximum value, for both your employees and your business.

Here are three ways that a benefits plan provided through GroupHEALTH adds superior value to your business, and your employees.

Real People. Real Support.

At GroupHEALTH, we really do believe in supporting you, your company and your employees. We have a dedicated team working to make your employee benefits experience the best that it can be.

It starts with our network of certified Advisor Partners who provide advice and expertise tailored to your needs. They are your first point of contact when it comes to plan design and employee benefits, leveraging their deep expertise and GroupHEALTH’s unique set of products, services and coverages to ensure you’re getting stable, cost contained benefits plan. They can meet you on your terms – over the phone, via video conference and, when times are safer, in person.

Supporting Plan Administrators

Your next level of support comes from Benefits Advisors and Client Services Representatives at GroupHEALTH. Once you become a GroupHEALTH client, you are assigned a dedicated Benefits Advisor and Client Services Representative that will work with you and your plan. Their goal is to develop a strong relationship with you and your company so they can provide the very best support for your employee benefits plan. This model means you are not just a number. Your Benefits Advisor and Client Services Representative knows you and they know your plan, and there’s no “call tree” to go through – just send an email or pick up the phone to speak directly to your representative.

We also support you with ongoing training for our benefits administration platform, WEBS Online. Training can be provided online, through webinars, demo videos or one-on-one training sessions. If a new Plan Administrator joins your company, we’re happy to train them as well.

Your Plan Administrator also has access to an online knowledge base about Plan Administration as well as a quarterly e-newsletters addressing topics relevant to your role as Plan Administrator.

Supporting Employees

GroupHEALTH also supports your employees to improve their benefits experience. Employees can visit the Member Solutions Center 24/365 to find info on using their benefits card, submitting claims, adding family members, eligibility, virtual health care and more. Our claims and contact centres provides personal assistance throughout the claims experience, ensuring plan members get the support they need.

Your employees also receive regular communication about their plan via email and online, explaining benefits coverages that may be new or unfamiliar to your employees and providing practical advice to help employees use their plan effectively.

Cost Containment

At GroupHEALTH, we firmly believe in a long-term approach to benefits plan design. This is valuable to you because it means we’re helping you ensure your employee benefits plan will be sustainable for you and your company well into the future.

We regularly evaluate employee benefit plan costs and look for new and unique ways to contain those costs, while still ensuring employees are well supported. A number of our products were created specifically in response to feedback from our customers.

Smart Rx Solutions

Prescription drug costs typically make up a large portion of total benefit plan costs. As costs for new and expensive drugs began to drive employee benefit costs to unprecedented levels, we took action. We worked with the pharmaceutical industry to develop products that continue to support the health of employees, while also controlling costs.

Some of our Smart Rx Solutions encourage employees to choose lower cost, but equally effective, prescription drugs in order to receive full coverage. Others target where prescription drugs are purchased from and encourage employees to purchase from our central dispensing pharmacy partners.

Disability Management Services

Disability claims can often account for a large portion of total benefit plan costs. We partnered with the Disability Management Institute to embed disability management services into all long-term disability coverage.

These services provide early intervention and management of a disability claim to help shorten its duration and speed up the worker’s return to pre-disability health. In this scenario, both the ill or injured worker and you, the employer, are supported throughout the disability claim and return to work. Our goal is to get employees back to work, quickly and safely – this leads to better health for both the employee and the employer.

Employee and Family Assistance Program

While Employee and Family Assistance Programs are an extremely valuable support system for employees, it’s also an important cost control measure.

At GroupHEALTH, we’re so confident in the value of providing employees with an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) that we include it with all of our benefit plans. Our EFAP is provided by Lifeworks and includes, among many other services, free short-term counselling. This counselling helps employees deal with mental and phycological stresses and issues before they escalate, helping to prevent physical and mental disability claims, absences and presenteeism. In short, it helps contain costs.

Technology at its best.

The right technology can lead to significant savings in time and money. At GroupHEALTH we believe in the value of technology, which is why we give you and your employerse access to online platforms, software and other tools to help you save both time and money.

Canada’s first online enrollment

Working with GroupHEALTH means you have access to Canada’s groundbreaking online enrollment platform for employee benefits. Employees do not need to fill out paper forms and Plan Administrators do not need to try to decipher them! Instead, our online enrollment platform walks employees through the process of enrolling on their computer or smart phone. It prompts for missing information during the enrollment process and sends reminder e-mails to employees if they have not completed their enrollment. Online enrollment saves a lot of time for Plan Administrators, freeing them up for other tasks.

WEBS online

Our online platform for benefits plan administration is called WEBS online. It’s a user-friendly interface that includes triggers and notifications to help simplify the plan administrator’s job and automate key day-to-day tasks. It allows you to create custom reports to break down plan costs and usage in ways that make sense for your company.

myGroupHEALTH Mobile App

Plan Administrators aren’t the only ones with access to great technology. At GroupHEALTH, our mobile app (myGroupHEALTH) makes it easier for your employees to get the most out of their benefits. The app allows employees to see benefits at a glance, as well as check coverage levels and search for providers in the area. Employees can also submit employee benefit claims on the go, using their camera to submit claims. It’s user-friendly and it saves employees time (which is always valuable).

A Better Employee Benefits Experience.

We work hard to ensure you’re getting the most out of your benefit dollars. Our goal is to provide you with the best value through exceptional customer service and support, cost containment tools and the best technology. Together, these elements contribute to a better employee benefits experience.

Good Advice is Key

Are you ready to receive great value for your employee benefit plan dollars? Are you wondering how exactly we’re different from the competition? Speak with one of our licensed advisors on the phone, or contact us for a comparison quote.

Whether you’re looking for extended health and dental coverage, disability coverage, or life and critical illness coverage, GroupHEALTH has affordable benefits packages that work as hard as you do.

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