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Compliance Report Portal

Terms of information collection & responsibility to your privacy

Complying with the law & ensuring trust

The trust of our customers, investors, and employees as well as the public is of great importance to us. We make every effort to ensure compliance with statutory requirements, internal regulations, and policies. 

To fulfil this requirement and avert potential damage to our reputation, we are interested in acquiring knowledge of compliance violations. Employees should turn to their superiors, the human resources department, or the executive officers if they become aware or are suspicious of circumstances relating to compliance. 

GroupHEALTH Family of Companies (GHFOC) also offers its employees, customers, suppliers, and other business partners a secure whistleblower portal to allude to potential compliance violations. This way, corresponding information can be delivered at any time, securely and confidentially. All submitted information shall be forwarded to GHFOC’s Vice President, People & Culture, who shall be responsible for the further processing thereof. Confidentiality is also the top priority here. 

The whistleblowing portal is intended to help identify and prevent significant risks for the company. For this reason, we will only accept and process information related to legal violations, particularly financial crimes (such as corruption, money laundering), violations of antitrust or insurance supervision laws, market abuse or data protection laws, or serious breaches of related internal rules. 

Suspecting another person may result in serious consequences for that individual. For that reason, the whistleblower portal is to be used responsibly. A whistleblower is encouraged to only provide information whose correctness the whistleblower is convinced about to the best of his/her knowledge and belief. Intentionally submitting information that is known to be incorrect may have consequences under criminal and labour law. 

We value open communication with our customers and employees and would therefore like to encourage you to provide your name alongside your information. If you wish to remain anonymous, however, please make sure that the information you provide does not reveal your identity. 

Security Advice

This whistleblowing portal is designed to help protect the information that you share through it, including your identity. To further enhance your security, please follow these instructions: 

  • If you would like to remain anonymous, please do not submit any personal information, e.g., your name or relationship with those involved. Also, please do not submit any information that can be traced back to you. 
  • If possible, do not submit your report through a device (e.g., PC, laptop, smartphone) provided by your employer. In particular, using your employer’s intranet connection may jeopardize your anonymity. 
  • Make sure that your internet connection is secure, which is indicated by the lock symbol next to the address bar. 

By making a submission using this form, I consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of my personal data as described in the Data Protection Notice.