Sustainable employee health benefit plans for a clean future

Progressive employee health benefits and insurance
Cost-effective employee health benefits designed especially for the clean energy sector

The future belongs to clean energy – and the clean energy future needs partners that understand their vision. From attracting and retaining professional talent to plan designs that confront unsustainable cost pressures, your clean energy business needs a benefits plan that has the flexible coverages, paperless tools and best-in-class plan sustainability features that empower your most valuable asset – your employees.

GroupHEALTH is excited about the future – which is why we work with over 4,000 businesses across Canada to help meet their future with affordable, configurable and usable employee health benefits plans.

Cost Sustainable Coverage for Sustainable Businesses

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Extended Health & Dental Coverage

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Disability Coverage

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Life & Critical Illness Coverage

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Employee Wellness Coverage

Affordable Benefits for High Performing Businesses

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Sustainable Plan Designs

The right plan design for your business’ future

    Cost containment features are built directly into plans, saving your employees money

    Let your employees choose their plan elements – while your business gets cost certainty
    Uncover savings and efficiencies using experience and tools
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Sustainable Employee Coverages

Embedding good benefits practices into plan designs

    Save money on prescription drug claims – one of the most expensive components of traditional benefit plans
    Cover low-risk claims while protecting your business from high-cost surprises
    A benefit allowance that encourages healthy lifestyles
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Sustainable Plan Admin

Plan management that uses technology, not paper

    Eliminate paper and save money on your benefits bill.
    Industry leading software to manage your plan easily online.

    Employees enrol themselves in your benefits plan from their phone or computer. No forms. No fuss.

Future-proofing an employee health benefits plan for a clean energy company

The challenge: Design a values-aligned benefits plan to help a clean energy utility company ensure that its professional employees have professional-level coverage while reducing its financial risk.


Get started in three easy steps.

1. Review your options with a licensed advisor, on phone or in person
2. Supply some basic business information, so we can give you a comparison quote
3. Finalize your benefits plan and get set up in days

Our expert advisors will speak to you by phone or in-person to build the best plan for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

GroupHEALTH’s commitment is to give you the most cost-effective benefits plan -and to help you understand what’s driving the cost of your benefits. The cost of employee benefits always depends upon the coverages and coverage levels selected, and how the plan is used (claims) by employees. Because claims are such a significant factor in determining plan costs, GroupHEALTH specializes in plan features that help contain claims costs.

Though your plan design and claims experience will ultimately determine your plan costs, we often tell businesses to budget between $2,000 and $4,000 annually, per employee. This is based on both our own client base and independent research.

Yes! GroupHEALTH’s plan and pricing analysts specialize in assessing plan performance. If you provide us with copies of information you already have – a copy of your current plan “booklet”, your last billing statement, and an overview of your employee composition – we can quickly assess whether you have the right plan for your business.

We’ll look at your whether you have the right coverages and coverage levels for your employee base; whether you have enough cost containment features in your plan to reduce your price risk;, whether you’re spending too much time on plan admin; and whether we can offer you more cost-effective solutions. Read more about our plan strategies.

Yes! GroupHEALTH specializes in plan designs specially-configured for each business, including plan components that can be turned on or off for each employees. Many of our clients offer different plan designs for management, work-from-home and in-office employees.

Even better, we offer plan components that allow employees to choose what they need – like Health Spending Accounts and Flex Plan packages – while capping costs for your business.

It starts with a short telephone conversation with our benefits experts. We’ll gather some basic information from you about your business, and then do some analysis to get you both a recommendation on coverages and coverage levels and a quote.

Evolve is one of Canada’s most effective “entry level” employee health benefits plans for small businesses. It’s a great way to offer standard coverages while choosing the plan “upgrades” that fit your business, and it can be set up quickly. Read more about Evolve.

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