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Be the beginning. Excite the marketplace with a compelling message and the most innovative products in the industry.

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Lay the groundwork by leading teams, forming strategy and optimizing practices to transform our business and reshape our industry.

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Be the face of our brand. Astonish our clients with the best employee benefits experience in Canada.

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5 reasons why you should join us

Thousands of Canadian families depend upon their employers to provide benefits for healthy and happy lives. The solutions you’ll provide address total well-being—from physical needs to mental health and wellness.

We want to transform the way Canadians experience benefits—in an industry that hasn’t really changed in decades. Embracing and driving change is in our DNA—and hopefully yours.

To become one of the fastest-growing employee benefits providers in Canada, we have to be quick on our feet—and with our minds. We’ve built innovation and curiosity right into our culture, and we’re always looking for people who like to think critically and creatively.

We’ve grown by 250% in five years, and our people have grown along with us. We tackle new challenges, new experiences and new opportunities every day, so this is a great place to explore your abilities and go somewhere unexpected.

We like our people, and we want them to like being here. From our famous monthly birthday celebrations to fitness bootcamps to pitching in to help our communities, we love it when our people get together to do something amazing—or just something fun.

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Dental code wiz
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Sports fanatic
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Absolutely loves animals
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It’s pretty awesome

Flexible schedules

Yoga x2 a week

Fitness programs

Fresh fruit everyday

Group benefits

(we HAVE to be good at this)

Group RRSP

Career growth

Celebratory cake days!

How we hire

Our hiring process helps us find people who make us one of the most innovative employee benefits companies in Canada. Our process is thorough, engaging and confidential.

Your Info
All applications (resume, cover letter and screening questions) are reviewed.

Chat by Phone
Shortlisted applicants are contacted for a telephone interview, where we learn more about you and confirm vital information. Only short-listed candidates are contacted.

Talk to us
We select top candidates for a first interview with the hiring manager and our human resources team. This interview is focused on getting to know you better.

Talk to us (again)
We invite a short-list of candidates to meet with us for a second interview with the hiring manager and a few other team members. This interview is focused on job-specific questions and may require completion of technical and practical aspects of the job.

Talk to us (one more time)
In some cases, the second interview is followed by a third interview, which may also include a practical interview, perhaps even allowing you to “do” the job. These interviews can last 2 to 4 hours.

Learn more about you
Some positions may require the completion of an online assessment that is general or role-specific. This provides us with further insight into your fit for the role.

Chat with people who know  you

Note that professional references are a must: we require three professional references, with at least two of the three being direct Managers or Supervisors.

Shake on it
Once we complete a satisfactory reference check and you accept our written offer of employment, we will create a customized “onboarding” plan to welcome you into the GroupHEALTH™ family!

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