You can get better disability coverage and keep your costs contained

You Have Options

Disability plans don’t have to be a mystery. They don’t have to be limited to two traditional coverages, short-term and long-term. Their costs don’t have to inevitably climb every year. They don’t have to drown your business in confusing paperwork.

We give you options:

To save annual costs on disability premiums.

To let the EI premiums you’re already paying give you a hand

To not lose employees to unmanaged health problems

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Contain costs and reduce risk

Exclusive solutions that gives you full control over employee earnings levels and payment timelines

  • Choose short-term disability options including EI-only, EI top-up, self-funded, and fully insured

  • Leverage industry-first mid-term disability (MTD) and adaptable long-term disability plans (ALTD) to configure long-term disability plans

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Reduce claims waste

Expert claims assessment verifies claims and puts them on the right track from the beginning

  • Built-in DMI Assist ensures early claims intervention and independent claims adjudication

  • Pay only what’s required with optional DMI Advice to Pay

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Return employees to work swiftly and safely

We’ve proven that hands-on claims management can help prevent claims from escalating and quicken employee recovery

  • Built-in DMI Assist gives employees confidential and independent access to dedicated case managers, return-to-work planning, alternate diagnoses, and recovery strategies

  • Built in DMI Assist let’s employers delegate time-consuming and confusing claims management to experts

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Get more for your spend

Leverage government programs to provide more coverage for less cost

  • Align a GroupHEALTH short term disability plan with government EI programs to provide more coverage for less dollars

  • Built-in DMI Assist helps you with government paperwork

  • Reduce your risk by benchmarking your exclusive GroupHEALTH adaptable long-term disability plan to government standards

DMI Assist

Activate experts when a disability claim happens

1. We liaise directly with employees and insurers – on your behalf

2. We build and support recovery and return-to-work plans for each employee

3. We manage paperwork, regulations and status updates about all aspects of the claim

4. We verify disability claims to give you confidence


Get started in three easy steps.

1. Review your options with a licensed advisor, on phone or in person
2. Supply some basic business information, so we can give you a comparison quote
3. Finalize your benefits plan and get set up in days

Our expert advisors will speak to you by phone or in-person to build the best plan for your business.