Optimize your plan design to save money over the long term

Work with a certified Advisor Partner to build a benefit blueprint – not a black box.

A certified Advisor Partner analyzes your plan’s performance to uncover savings and efficiencies, and suggests coverages and strategies that give you more control over your benefits. 

Choose Your Coverage Levels

A certified Advisor Partner will work with you to set the right benefit amount for your business.

  • Each coverage and benefit can be independently configured to cover up to the amounts you choose.

  • The price of your coverage can be determined by the coverage levels you choose

  • Stop loss allows you to put a limit on the amount you’re willing to pay.

  • Choose coverage levels carefully.. Lower coverage levels can end up costing your business in the long run.

  • Consider your employee’s needs when selecting coverage levels: too-low levels can discourage use, but too-high levels can open your plan to risk.

Choose Features to Contain Your Costs

GroupHEALTH plans are built to keep your plans affordable. A certified Advisor Partner will help you choose sustainable options.

hybrid aso blue icon | GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions - Canada


Cover low-risk claims while protecting your business from high-cost prescription drug surprises.

safe icon blue | GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions - Canada


Stop putting a deposit on claims that haven’t even happened – and may never happen. Invest those funds in your business, not in your benefits plan.

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Take control of your benefit budget – employees get options, employers get cost certainty.

save money blue icon | GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions - Canada


Save money on prescription drugs – one of the most expensive components of traditional benefit.

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Configure your disability benefits to reduce long term costs and return employees quickly and safely to work.

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Configure disability coverage to reduce your reserves and pay for only what you need.

Choose The Right Cost Sharing Option

The Myth: Many employers believe that their business is solely responsible for all the costs related to benefits.

The Facts: Employers have more options than they may know when it comes to who pays for benefits, and how much

The Options:

  • Employer Pays – Your business covers the costs of benefits

  • Employee Pays – Your employees pay for their benefits through payroll deductions

  • Employer & Employee Split – Employers pay a set portion and employees pay the balance of benefit costs.

  • Coverage by coverage – Employers pay for all or part of some coverage, and employees pay for all or part of other coverage.

Your certified Advisor Partner can help your business determine your best option.

Choose How To Manage Your Risk

Your employee composition and claims patterns will influence how much your business pays for benefits. Work with a certified Advisor Partner to determine the method you choose to manage your risk – and your price

  • Your business can ‘pool’ your benefits with other businesses to smooth your costs

  • Your business’ claims are predictable and stable on their own, and you want to cover the costs of those claims yourself. This is often called “ASO” (administrative services only).

Choose How Flexible To Make Your Plan

Your employees want choice. Your business needs cost-containment. Fortunately, there are ways to balance both.

  • Plan Packages – Work with an Advisor Partner to create plan packages. Your business controls the components and the cost, and your employees choose the package that suits them.

  • Spending Accounts – Work with an Advisor Partner to set extended health, dental, and wellness limits. Your employees choose how those benefit dollars get spent and your business controls costs. Best of all, unspent dollars are returned to your business.

  • Exceptional coverage – Choose to cover additional costs on an employee-by-employee basis. CRA rules may allow your business to receive a tax deduction for certain types of expenses.

Choose the Right Plan Framework

Fully Insured

‘Pool’ your business with other businesses to smooth your risk and stabilize your costs.

Administration Services Only (ASO)

Self-fund the health and dental components of your plan, and use GroupHEALTH to administer your plan and pay the claims.

Hybrid ASO

Fully insure one of the biggest risks in your plan – prescription drugs – and self-fund your other extended health and dental components.


Offer additional coverage for select employees while gaining a tax advantage for your business.

Stop Loss Configuration

Protect your plan from unexpected risk by covering claims up to a specified amount – and insuring claims that exceed it.

Health Spending Accounts

Take control of your benefit budget – employees get options, employers get cost certainty.


Get started in three easy steps.

1. Review your options with a licensed advisor, on phone or in person
2. Supply some basic business information, so we can give you a comparison quote
3. Finalize your benefits plan and get set up in days

Our expert advisors will speak to you by phone or in-person to build the best plan for your business.