Types of Employee Health Benefits

employee health benefits

Although government health plans provide some medical coverage through provincial programs, they do not cover all medical costs. That is why it is important for employers, including small business owners, to consider offering employee health benefits (read more about why employee health benefits are important).

If you are looking for affordable employee health benefit plans, GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions can help. With GroupHEALTH, you can configure a benefits plan that fits your employees’ needs and your budget.  Here are the benefit options that we offer:

Extended Health and Dental Coverage

With GroupHEALTH’s extended health and dental coverage, you can build a flexible health plan that meets the needs of all your employees.

Popular coverages include configurable vision care options that can cover eye exams, prescription lenses, frames and contact lenses; and laser eye surgery. You can create a dental plan using our basic, preventative, major restorative and orthodontic coverage options. For our comprehensive paramedical services, you can cover employees for visits to chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, podiatrists and other specialists. We also provide coverage for enhanced hospital care and second-opinion diagnosis as well as integrated travel insurance.

A health spending account (known as a “HSA”) can give your employees control over how they use their benefits dollars – while “capping” the cost of coverage for your business.

And our newly added comprehensive no-max medicinal cannabis coverage can be added to your plan so your employees can have complete access to new cannabis treatments.

Disability Plans

With GroupHEALTH Benefits Solutions, disability plans are not the mystery they are elsewhere.

We provide full disability coverage while keeping your costs contained. Our exclusive solutions give you full control over employee replacement earnings levels and payment timelines. Plus our expert claims assessment verifies claims to give you confidence, and puts them on the right track from the beginning.

Our team at the Disability Management Institute will liaise directly with employees and insurers on your behalf and manage paperwork, regulations and status updates for all aspects of a claim. We will also help you to leverage government programs to provide more coverage for less.

Life and Critical Illness

Help your employees prepare for the unfortunate event of death with our life insurance plans. Our life insurance plans include the option of adding dependent life and living benefits. Dependent life extends protection to an employee’s’ family members and includes coverage for unfortunate events such as a stillbirth, while living benefits pay out a lump sum if the insured person is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

GroupHEALTH’s Accident and Serious Illness coverage extends traditional critical illness coverage to include select serious illnesses. If an employee is diagnosed with any of these covered conditions they will receive a lump sum for their medical expenses.

Enrolment in our life and critical illness plans is easy as most plans require no medical questionnaire.


You can promote healthy lifestyles for an engaged and productive workforce with our wellness programs. Our configurable Health Wellness Accounts (knowns as “WSA”) can extend your employee’s coverage to activities and expenses that improve their fitness, health and wellness.

GroupHEALTH’s employee and family assistance plans gives your employees access to physical and mental health resources, counselling and discount programs for gym memberships, smoking cessation, stress management and more.

Plus all GroupHEALTH plan members receive monthly “Living Well” newsletters in their inbox featuring simple tips and ideas on bring more wellness to their lives.

Cost Sharing Options for Employee Health Benefits

You may think that offering employee health benefits means that you will be solely responsible for all the related costs. However, you can configure cost-sharing options for each benefit. Payment options include:

Employer Pays – Your business covers the costs of benefits

Employee Pays – Your employees pay for their benefits through payroll deductions

Employer and Employee Split – Employers pay a set portion and employees pay the balance of benefit costs through payroll deductions.

Coverage by coverage – Employers pay for all or part of some coverage, and employees pay for all or part of other coverage through payroll deduction.

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