The Best of Both Worlds in Benefits

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Too often, Canadian organizations have to choose between two equally important benefits options:

  • A fully customized benefits plan that fits their business, but is costly and complex to administer
  • A cookie-cutter benefits plan that only partially meets your needs, but has low operational overhead

At GroupHEALTH, we don’t think Canadian businesses should have to choose between two things they need: a snug-fitting plan (whether big or small) and simple and efficient plan administration.

We’re experts at building affordability and configurability into every plan. Proprietary cost containment options like DMI Assist, Smart RX solutions and Release of Reserve ensure that your plan has the features it needs to be sustainable over the long run, and can be included in plans of almost any type or size.

Services that reduce overhead and administrative hassles like the myGroupHEALTH app for easy employee claims and inquiries, WEBS, our industry leading plan administration system, Enrol-ME Online for paperless employee enrolment, and Benestats, our total compensation statements, ensure that your business isn’t bogged down in expensive overhead.

(Plus, even our “starter” plans like the groundbreaking Evolve for Small Business are easily configured for your business, while giving you access to all of the great services above!)

You Have Options

If your benefits plan doesn’t include these features – you may not be getting the best of both worlds. Fortunately, GroupHEALTH has the tools and the advisors to take a look under the hood and give you options to make your plan better.

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