How a Preferred Partner can Help Your Association Grow

As an association, your objective is to bring together member organizations in pursuit of a shared goal. Basically, you’re leveraging the power of the group to everyone’s advantage. As such, it makes sense that growing your association membership is an important objective. Using a preferred partner for your association’s employee benefit plan can be an important strategy for achieving this growth.

The preferred partner relationship

How a Preferred Partner Can Help Your Association Grow | GroupHEALTHWhen it comes to employee benefits, not all preferred partner arrangements are the same. So let’s focus on GroupHEALTH’s experience as a preferred partner. Turns out, GroupHEALTH has more than 3 decades of experience working with associations to offer employee benefits. We’ve learned a lot in that time, and we like to think we’ve zeroed in on the best way to operate a preferred partner relationship with an association.

When entering into a preferred partner relationship with an association, we start by joining the association. Then we draft up a written agreement. We want a clear and open line of communication between your association and our team, and a written association agreement ensures we’re all on the same page. We’ll also provide access to our diverse distribution network to ensure your members have access to our representatives, no matter where they are located.

You’ll receive detailed reporting on program performance, so you’ll understand the value you’re getting from our relationship. In addition, we’ll utilize client satisfaction surveys to ensure we’re exceeding your expectations for our partnership. So, once we’ve signed a preferred partner agreement, how exactly can we help grow your association membership?

  1. Add value to your membership to GROW
    The most important way we’ll help your association grow is by enhancing the value of your membership. Many of your member organizations either already have an employee benefits plan or would like to sponsor one. This translates into many individual organizations all doing the legwork of trying to find a good employee benefits provider. They have little bargaining power and they may have little knowledge about employee benefits. The way you are going to add value (by working with a preferred provider like GroupHEALTH) is you’ll give your member organizations access to group buying power.
    Instead of a single organization looking for employee benefits, it’s now many organizations under one umbrella. This translates into competitive rates for all. But it’s more than just good rates. When you partner with a preferred provider like GroupHEALTH, we’re going to work with you to find out what employee benefits your member organizations typically need. Then we’re going to develop a plan to meet those needs. Member organizations can still customize their plans, but we’ll propose a “sample” plan to give your membership a sense of what’s possible. You’re adding value here because you’re doing the legwork. You’re vetting the provider (GroupHEALTH) and you’re ensuring the association benefit plan is best-in-class. This saves your membership both time and money. Organizations that see value in association membership are more likely to join the association and continue their membership.
  2. Use referrals to GROW
    Referrals are an important mechanism for growth in any business. When it comes to a preferred partner arrangement with an association, referrals become a big part of our agreement. In order for an organization to access our association benefit plan, they must be an active member of your association. When we have a prospect organization that may be a good fit for your association, we’ll refer them to your association. They’ll have an added incentive to join your association in order to gain access to your association benefit plan. These referrals will help your organization grow.
  3. Enjoy active marketing to GROW
    We’ve learned from our long and deep relationship with Canadian associations that a “boots on the ground” approach is essential for a successful partnership. That’s why we attend and sponsor association events. We’re there to support and educate member organizations on employee benefits and the value of the association employee benefit plan.
    We also use association marketing and communication channels to reach member organizations directly. We create association-branded marketing materials to encourage more organizations to utilize the association benefit plan. These active marketing activities will help you grow your association.
  4. Receive revenue to GROW
    Eligible associations may receive revenue for each member organization that chooses the association benefits plan. This revenue can help your association provide additional services, cover overhead, or support member organizations – it’s up to you. The revenue stream will continue to increase as more member organizations access the association plan. A new revenue stream can help you grow your association.

Good Advice is Key

Are you interested in learning more about how a preferred partner for employee benefits can help your association grow? Review your options with one of our licensed advisors on the phone, or contact us for a comparison quote.

Whether your association is looking for extended health and dental coverage, disability coverage, or life and critical illness coverage, GroupHEALTH has affordable benefits packages that work as hard as you do.

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