What your current benefits provider won’t tell you

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The reality is most businesses don’t have time to learn the complex world of employee benefits.

There are literally hundreds of different types of coverages, not to mention exclusions, exceptions, caps, services, technology, relationships… the list goes on. This puts your business at a disadvantage: you have a business to run, and clearing up the confusion about employee benefits isn’t one of your priorities.

Unfortunately, many benefits providers count on your confusion!

But you aren’t doomed to be confused

Fortunately, GroupHEALTH has been disrupting the employee benefits industry for decades, and we’ve been doing it in the simplest way possible: by making your employee benefits make sense.

Consider your drug coverage. Canadian businesses are constantly hearing from their benefits provider about how drug costs keep rising, and how employers will need to foot the entire bill for those increases. Business leaders are naturally confused: why are rising drug costs inevitable when generic drugs are available, and when provincial drug plans cover some prescriptions?

Smart Rx is “simple smart”

That’s where GroupHEALTH’s simple solutions can help. Smart Rx is a suite of products that provides an incentive for employees to use lower-cost generic drugs without giving up quality. These even come with home delivery options, reducing pharmacy fees and increasing convenience.

Plus, GroupHEALTH’s Smart Rx solutions like FormuCARE allow employers to share responsibility for the cost of specialty drugs with provincial health plans.

You really need to speak to us…

GroupHEALTH’s exclusive partner network needs just 30 minutes of your time to solve the problem that you didn’t even know you had. Stop being confused by your coverage. Talk to a GroupHEALTH representative today and start taking back control of your benefits plan.

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