3 Free Ways to Instantly Upgrade Your Benefits Plan

Upgrading a benefits plan doesn’t have to mean a higher price tag. GroupHEALTH has discovered ways to enhance your plan at no extra cost to your business, save you time in the long run, and increase employee plan satisfaction.

1. Go Paperless

Recent studies suggest that Canadians spend more time online than anywhere else in the world – and yet their benefits plan is still paper-based! Benefits administration is the hidden cost (and pain) of providing benefits to employees – and it’s increasingly out of step with how businesses and employees get things done.

At GroupHEALTH we offer services like online employee enrollment and app-based claims submission that removes paper and instantly upgrades the benefits experience.

2. Promote Employee Wellness

The connection between healthy employees and lower benefits costs is clear. The good news is that many benefits plans include information and resources from insurers about wellness and living a healthy lifestyle.

For example, at GroupHEALTH all employees receive our Living Well e-newsletter that includes tips on making good decisions for physical and mental health. Your employees – and by extension your benefits plan and your business – get a boost from healthier employees.

3. Get An Expert Second Opinion

A benefits proposal, renewal document or even a billing statement is like a medical check-up: it tells you how well your plan is doing. It should lead to a deep understanding of “symptoms” (why are your premiums rising each year?) and treatments (what do I need to do to balance good coverage with cost controls?).

If your benefits advisor isn’t treating your plan like a patient, you need an expert who will. Best of all, a second opinion is free! A short conversation with a licensed GroupHEALTH representative will give you some ideas about how to make sure your plan is healthy.

Let’s talk!

We’ve experienced the challenges of building a business ourselves, so we took what we learned and built GroupHEALTH by listening to Canadian business owners and their challenges with their employee benefits.

Take 10 minutes to talk to an expert, and confirm whether your business is ready for a next generation benefits experience.

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