Why you shouldn’t have to dread your benefits renewal

A GroupHEALTH Advisor is ready to help.

Your annual benefits renewal is fast approaching – perfect! You could have another meeting with your advisor (reviewing plan costs that keep rising and writing a larger cheque to the insurer this year) or you could start discussing benefit solutions with a GroupHEALTH Advisor.

GroupHEALTH’s Advisors work with you to find sustainable options for your business and your employees.

Every employee benefits renewal should start with a discussion about how your business has changed – and how your benefits plan needs to change with it. Be wary of a renewal discussion that starts and ends with “same as last year – right?”. If your broker isn’t identifying new solutions and opportunities each year then your plan needs work.

Rather than waiting another 365 days to rethink your renewal, talk to us to optimize your employee benefits plan.

Let’s Talk!

We’ve experienced the challenges of building a business ourselves, so we took what we learned and built GroupHEALTH by listening to Canadian business owners and their challenges with their employee benefits.

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