How to Unlock the Hidden Value in Your Benefits Plan

Too many businesses think that their benefits plan is like a black box: they know it’s important, and they think they know some of its contents (the important stuff – they hope!), but a lot of it is a mystery.

Even worse, why they pay what they pay, and why they have the coverages they have, is only partially understood. They know it involves some sort of mysterious calculation by someone, somewhere, and they’re pretty sure that someone, somewhere has figured out why a particular coverage should be part of their benefit plan, but they’re not really sure why.

It’s Time to Unlock the Benefits Black Box

This is where simple, practical advice by people who both understand the bottom line pressures on your business and the desire to make sure that your employees have what they need is crucial.

If you want to unlock the real value in your benefits plan – like how to contain rising prescription drug costs, or why a good wellness program is a key to plan sustainability, or even how to use a Health Spending Account to reduce your tax burden – you need to talk to next generation advisors.

GroupHEALTH can make an introduction to the right advisor – with no obligation to buy, and an ability to work with you the way you want – in person, over the phone, or even by email, when it’s convenient for you.

Jumping to the lowest priced plan isn’t a sustainable solution – finding the right plan to meet your needs is!

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GroupHEALTH is committed to saving you money not just today, but over the long run too. We specialize in products and services that don’t just give employees the options they want, but that also give employers better options as well.

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