Build A Benefits Blueprint, Not a Black Box

Build A Benefits Blueprint, Not a Black Box2019-09-23T22:26:19-07:00

Project Description

At GroupHEALTH, a certified Advisor Partner analyzes your plan’s performance to uncover savings and efficiencies, and suggests coverages and strategies that give you more control over your benefits. This starts with helping you understand the basic components of your benefits plan. If your current broker isn’t making your plan clear to you, then you’re at a disadvantage! 

Your plan – even the one you currently have – starts with these basic ingredients: 

Extended Health and Dental Coverage: Often when employees think about employee benefits plans, they’ll think of these coverages because these are the benefits that many employees will use most frequently. 

Disability Coverage: If an employee becomes disabled in a way that prevents them from working,﷟HYPERLINK “” a portion of their salary so that the employee continues to have an income. 

Life and Critical Illness Coverage: this insurance ensures that employers are providing support when employees and their families need it the most. 

Employee Wellness: this is an important component of a benefits plan because the physical and mental well-being of employees is the primary factor in determining your claims experience, and therefore the cost of your employee benefits plan. 

Read more about the four major employee benefits plan components here 

At GroupHEALTH, we know that every benefits plan starts with these has four basic components. As we talk about your benefits plan, we’ll take you through each component in a simple and powerful way. This doesn’t mean stripping out options to make things simple – it means building your plan piece by piece, so that you have exactly what you need. 

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