Turn Your Benefits Plan from Passive to Active

Benefits plans are changing. Gone is the “break glass in case of emergency” benefits approach. Instead, modern benefits plans include “active” components. These are services that employees can and should use regularly to improve their own physical and mental well being.

Here are three services built into  GroupHEALTH benefits plan that can be used on a regular basis by employees:

  • Virtual Healthcare

    Plan members can consult confidentially with an accredited doctor or nurse practitioner by video conference using their phone, tablet or computer. The medical team can diagnose medical concerns, write prescriptions, order diagnostic tests and refer to patients to doctors and other specialists.

    Plan members love it because they and their eligible dependents can access medical care without the need to use valuable sick days or personal time for doctor visits. Employers love it because it helps reduce absenteeism, and ensures employees are getting medical care quickly and easily.

  • Telus Health Employee and Family Assistance Program

    Plan members can access professional and confidential counselling and online resources on a variety of personal and work-related topics. Telus Health provides plan members with 24/7 support with life, health, family, money, work & everything in-between. It’s confidential – only plan members know that they have accessed these services.

    Telus Health is often used by plan members to seek advice and support on questions about handling stress, challenges at work, parenting & childcare, health and fitness, managing money, caring for an older relative, mental health issues, maintaining relationships.

  • LIFT Session Physical Fitness Training

    LIFT session are automated fitness journeys and customized workout programs that allow plan members to create a personalized fitness program on their phone or tablet. These six-week programs offer three 30-minute sessions per week in which users receive customized fitness recommendations, personalized guidance and monitoring through live web chat with coaches. Users can ask questions related to fitness, nutrition, sleep, and how to use the app/platform.

    This is a great way for users to get comfortable with personal training. LIFT session works because it offers convenient access to programs and experts who keep users motivated and accountable, removing all the complexity related to working out.

Make sure that your plan includes “ACTIVE” components

“Active” components help your employees access services that keep them healthy before using the “passive” parts of the plan.

At GroupHEALTH, we’re known for creating unique, configurable employee health benefits plans that break the traditional mold. Take 10 minutes to talk to an expert and see how looking beyond the cookie cutter can save you money, while providing your employees with a great plan.

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