Three Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your Employee Benefits

The competition for talent is real. Businesses need to find creative ways to attract and retain employees. Getting creative means looking at every possible incentive, including whether your employee benefits are as competitive as they can be.

Here are three inexpensive ways to boost your benefits:

Embed virtual healthcare

Embedded in every GroupHEALTH benefits plan is virtual healthcare, powered by Telus Health. Employees can access a nurse practitioner or doctor wherever they are, whenever they need, on their phone, tablet, or computer. This can be exceptionally popular for those employees without a family doctor.

Configure your limits around what’s popular

Many benefits plans have pre-set limits on certain coverages, but as employees’ lives change so do their benefit needs. Your advisor should be able to tell you the most popular coverages, and how you can increase access to them by reconfiguring your plan. Or choose a Health Spending Account, which caps your costs while your employees can choose where to spend their benefit dollars.

Add in physical fitness options

Encouraging your employees to exercise regularly is good for them – but also for you and your benefits plan! GroupHEALTH plan members can access LIFT fitness sessions, a free personalized online fitness service that helps employees build and follow a regular exercise regime.

Boost Your Employee Benefits to Attract Top Talent!

At GroupHEALTH, we’re known for creating unique, configurable employee health benefits plans that break the traditional mold. Take 10 minutes to talk to an expert and see how looking beyond the cookie cutter can save you money, while providing your employees with a great plan.

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