Spring Cleaning: Decluttering your Mind

Spring Cleaning: Decluttering your Mind | GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions

In the same way that our physical spaces can fill up and become cluttered, so can our minds. Spring is synonymous with a fresh start so let’s take a look at some strategies to help mentally declutter ourselves:

  • Perform a “brain dump”

    Writing out what’s on your mind is a good way to sweep out your inner thoughts and sort through the clutter. From there, you can group together ideas, make lists to act on, and refocus your mental effort.

  • Get some distance

    When our brains are full, it’s tough to think. Going for a walk is a simple way to put yourself in new surroundings where it can feel easier to find solutions to problems. Physical exertion allows the brain to work in different ways, which helps break up the thought patterns that lead to a cluttered mental state.

  • Press pause on distractions

    The simple act of closing your eyes and concentrating on your breathing helps to regain mental focus. Another way to deal with a wandering mind is to acknowledge distracting thoughts – write them down and attend to them after your focus time, rather than letting your head chase after them in the moment.

  • Talk it out

    Speaking with a friend or family member about what’s on your mind is a great way to articulate your thoughts and share the load. In turn, listening to others allows you to contribute to solutions that can be applied to your own thoughts.

  • Declutter your physical space

    Clutter acts as stimuli, telling your mind that there is always something more to do. Physical decluttering of home and workspaces can help reduce these triggers to the brain and promote a sense of calm.

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