How Embracing Your Inner Child Can Make You A Better Adult

Living Well: How Embracing Your Inner Child Can Make You A Better Adult | GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions

We’re all born naturally playful, curious and imaginative, but as we add responsibilities, experience and anxiety to our lives we can begin to lose the things that, as one person put it, made thinking like a kid a superpower.

But we can regain some of those old “superpowers”, and benefit ourselves, and others, in the process. Here are three things that tapping into a child-like mindset each day can do for us:

  • Trigger creativity and innovation

    Kids are constantly seeking out new experiences that boosts their imagination, and lets them imagine a world with new and more possibilities. Whether it’s reading a new book, trying a new activity, or making new friends, interrupt your patterns and see what kind of impact it has on your creativity.

  • See problems from a new perspective

    Kids are naturally optimistic and inquisitive, asking so many questions it can often leave adults exhausted. But sometimes asking these questions are what can help us see situations from a different perspective, finding solutions that might otherwise have not been clear to us. A well timed “why?” can reset our perspective.

  • Lower stress levels

    Kids don’t take life too seriously. Letting go of your inhibitions and anxieties, even for a short time each day, can help you unwind from life’s responsibilities, give your brain a break, and give yourself a chance to refresh and recharge. When it’s time to “go back to being an adult”, you’ve given yourself an opportunity to remember that you still have “superpowers”.

    Living Well: The Important Practice of Self-Care 

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