Has Your Benefits Plan Been Optimized?

Has Your Benefits Plan Been Optimized?2019-09-23T22:26:57-07:00

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At GroupHEALTH we talk a lot about how you can “optimize your plan design to save money over the long term.” It’s even on our website! 

Sometimes we get skeptical looks when we talk about this: Canadian businesses are so used to employee health benefits premiums exceeding the rate of inflation that they don’t know that cost sustainability is even an option.  

Their current advisor isn’t providing new solutions to them, and insurance companies are happy to just take their money. 

But there ARE ways to make your plan sustainable! 

If your plan doesn’t include these key features, then you need to consider a GroupHEALTH benefits plan: 

  1. Prescription drug features that address the root causes of increasing drug claims 
  2. Disability services that return employees to work quickly and safely 
  3. Health spending accounts that give your employees options but cap your costs 
  4. Low-cost employee wellness options that can prevent expensive claims later 
  5. Strategies to reduce your reserves, keeping more of your money in your pockets 

If your benefits plan doesn’t include these features – it may not be optimized! Fortunately, GroupHEALTH has the tools and the advisors to take a look under the hood and give you options to make your plan better. 

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