Four Simple Tips to Get a Good Night’s Rest

4 Simple Tips to Get a Good Night's Rest | GroupHEALTH

Sleep is important for not only our physical well-being, but also our mental health. If you’re struggling with falling asleep and getting a good night’s rest, try these four tips below.

  • Keep Moving

    It’s widely known that exercise is good for your health, but it’s also great for helping you fall asleep! By incorporating some exercise into your day, you should be able to fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. Try to avoid high-intensity activities right before bedtime, as our mind and body need time to settle post-exercise.

  • Keep It Light

    Avoid eating large meals and heavy food in the evenings, especially before bed. Doing so overloads your digestive system and can affect your sleep pattern. If you’re feeling peckish, have a light, healthy snack or warm beverage instead.

  • Start a Sleep Ritual

    Incorporating a ritual is a great way to signal to the body that it’s time for bed. Whether it be taking a bath, reading, or listening to relaxing music, find a routine that will train your body and mind for sleep.

  • Get Up

    While it may seem counterproductive, if you find yourself lying awake at night, try getting up and doing a quiet activity such as reading, doing a puzzle, etc. (but keep clear of your phone, laptop, and other blue-light sources!). When you start to feel tired again, head back to bed.

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