Boost Employees’ Health For Peak Performance

Wellness programs are an investment that you don’t want to skip. It pays off with happier, healthier employees who are more productive and who exhibit a deeper loyalty toward your company. Does your employee benefits plan do that? Does your current benefit plan support your employees’ wellness goals?

Investing in employee benefits can not only boost your employees’ wellness, but it can also help support the growth of your company. Here’s some ways it can help:


Supporting employees in creating healthier lifestyles can result in happier, healthier employees. Healthy employees mean less absences and more productivity. GroupHEALTH works with you to find the right plan design to support your employees so that they won’t feel distracted worrying about mental or physical health.


Employees look for ways that their company looks out for them; GroupHEALTH helps by providing features such as employee and family assistance programs, health spending accounts, or a taxable wellness account. Focus on retaining the great employees you have by providing them flexible benefits where they have a say in how their benefit dollars are spent.

Cost Control

Proactively investing in their physical and mental well-being may help prevent future costs through the possibility of lowering future claims. With GroupHEALTH, you can choose what’s optimal for your employees. Providing your employees with benefits such as registered massage therapy, and physiotherapy, mental health counselling allows them to proactively manage their health; often preventing or mitigating future health events that could lead to an increase in costs long-term.


Looking out for your employees means happier, healthier people who are more productive and are willing to go the extra mile for their company! GroupHEALTH considers what your company needs and will support you in finding the right customized solution to fit your company and its people.


We’ve experienced the challenges of building a business ourselves, so we took what we learned and built GroupHEALTH by listening to Canadian business owners and their challenges with employee benefits. Click the button below to request a no obligation 15 minute conversation with GroupHEALTH today.

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