3 Non-Negotiables When Choosing a Benefits Plan

Navigating yourself in the world of group benefits can be tough. When it comes to selecting a benefits plan, there are certain factors that should be considered non-negotiable. By focusing on these factors, you will be able to not only build an employee focused health benefits plan, but also to reduce your expenses and optimize your valuable time.

Three key things that are non-negotiable when it comes to your employee’s plan are:

Your Time & Money

A good provider should work to save you money by offering better products, services, or solutions. The team at GroupHEALTH looks at cost drivers and creates a suite of products meant to take care of your business. Using technology and excellent support from our team, your company will spend more time growing your business and saving money all at the same time!

Up-To-Date Technology

Want a fast and easy process? Better technology can do that for you. With GroupHEALTH you will get online enrolment, paper free services, digital claims support, and access to online resources 24/7. Members can take advantage of exclusive support systems, making it easy with mobile access and online resources around the clock.

Expert Advice

Expert advice is necessary when deciding on your employee’s benefits plan. Not only to figure what you need, but to find out how you can make it work for your business. GroupHEALTH’s benefits programs are delivered through a knowledgeable team of licensed Advisor Partners and their support teams. They specialize in matching the right solution for your business by taking the time to review and design the perfect health benefits plan.

You take care of your business, GroupHEALTH take’s care of your health benefits.


We’ve experienced the challenges of building a business ourselves, so we took what we learned and built GroupHEALTH by listening to Canadian business owners and their challenges with employee benefits. Click the button below to request a no obligation 15 minute conversation with GroupHEALTH today.

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