Benefits of Giving Back & Volunteering

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Whether you’re giving back or paying it forward, volunteering your time is a great way to get back more than you give.

As a bonus, volunteering has a positive impact on your mental and physical health!

  • From the heart, for the heart

    Evidence suggests that volunteering may help reduce blood pressure and lead to a longer lifespan. Volunteering often involves physical activity which is excellent for heart health.

  • Teaching and learning

    Giving back can help you meet new people with fresh perspectives and skills you otherwise may never have encountered. Sharing not only your knowledge and expertise, but learning from those around you is a great way to grow and work on your personal development.

  • Keep connected

    Studies have shown that donating time to help others makes people feel more socially connected, thereby helping ward off loneliness and depression. In these times, virtual volunteering is also being leveraged which offers even more ways to connect with others.

    Living Well: Doing Our Part – Wellness & the Environment 

  • Positive direction

    Many organizations rely on the charity of others, and playing a part in a shared mission can bring new meaning into your life. Volunteering can add to your sense of purpose as it often allows you to provide essential assistance to others.

Today, our situations are all very different, so remember that there is no gesture too small. Whether it’s getting groceries for your neighbour to reduce their exposure, donating to a local charity, or using spare fabric to sew non-medical masks, there are countless ways to give back.


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