Living Well: Doing Our Part – Wellness & the Environment


With the U.N.’s World Environment Day approaching on June 5, we’ve rounded up some ways you can incorporate an earth-friendly approach into your personal wellness routine.

  • Choose a Reusable Water Bottle

    We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, especially in the summer. Reaching for a reusable water bottle, and challenging ourselves to refill it twice daily, is smart wellness!

  • Bike/Walk to Work

    Get your daily exercise, get outside, and save some mileage! Leave your car at home and map out a way to bike or walk to work. Encourage your whole family to participate by planning a route that includes your children’s school. Consider participating in a “Bike to work” initiative, supporting both your community and the environment.

  • Consciously Pack Your Lunch

    50% of the plastics we use are single-use or disposable. Packing your lunch in reusable containers or food wrap is a great solution to lessen our use of single-use plastics. There is a variety of reusable lunch boxes available at your local grocery store or supermarket. If you like keeping your main meal separated from your sides, why not try using a bento box.

  • Expand Your Garden
    While enjoying some fresh air and vitamin D in your back yard or patio, why not expand your garden by planting a tree or building a planter? The additional plants will contribute to air purification and oxygen production.

There are many ways to live a more sustainable life. We can all help create a healthier future for next generations.

For more information on World Environment Day and how you can participate, visit the United Nations World Environment Day website.

*All statistics provided by the United Nations.

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