The #1 Way Any Organization Can Reduce Their Benefits Costs

GroupHEALTH offers a variety of ways to help organizations confront rising benefits costs – Smart Rx Solutions for drug costs, DMI Assist for disability costs, Release of Reserve to keep cash in your business, and more.

Why Wellness Matters

The key to holding benefits costs down is ultimately with an employer, and their employees. That’s why organizations committed to employee wellness can not only have an enormous impact on their benefit costs, but can experience a boost in the overall productivity and engagement of their workforce.

The Whole Employee

An impactful wellness program empowers employees to take care of their entire physical and mental health. This can be proactive, like providing healthy lunchroom options or subsidizing fitness classes to encourage good wellness habits. It can also be reactive, by ensuring that employees have the support they need when they face life’s challenges.

Combined, these can be a powerful recipe for creating a healthy workforce.

GroupHEALTH Can Help

GroupHEALTH is committed to helping employers promote wellness. Programs like Telus Health employee and family assistance program, our unique partnership Akira virtual healthcare, and the increasingly popular Health Wellness Accounts help ensure that employers are promoting healthy and well-supported life choices.

Help Your Employees – and Your Benefits Plan – be Well

At GroupHEALTH, we’re known for creating unique, configurable employee health benefits plans that break the traditional mold.

GroupHEALTH is committed to saving you money not just today, but over the long run too. We specialize in products and services that don’t just give employees the options they want, but that also give employers better options as well.

Take 10 minutes to talk to an expert and see how looking beyond the cookie cutter can save you money, while providing your employees with a great plan.

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