4 ways your benefit plan tech is letting down your employees

Technology has a significant impact on business including employee health benefits. Digital platforms and solutions remarkably improve benefits experience.

How do your employee benefits stack up to today’s digital reality?

Here’s four benefit plan tech solutions that must be included in your plan.

Online enrollment

Forget submitting paper enrollment cards. If you are still doing it, it’s time to switch to another provider. GroupHEALTH created Canada’s first online employee benefits enrollment platform “Enrol-Me”. Online enrollment is more accurate and efficient: all your employees need is their mobile phone.

Paper free services

Recent studies suggest that Canadians spend more time online than anywhere else in the world – and yet their benefits plan is still paper-based! At GroupHEALTH we work without paper, so that plans are more efficient, more accessible, and better for the environment.

Digital claims support services

When employees need to make a claim it needs to be easy and quick – which is why, at GroupHEALTH, plan members can use their mobile phone to access benefits information, make photo claims and expect their claim to be processed and paid in just a few days.

24/7 online resources

When employees need physical or mental health support, they should be able to get it quickly and easily. Plan members at GroupHEALTH have 24/7 access to services like live short-term counselling, real-person medical consultations and exclusive online resources for always-on support.

Don’t let your old school benefits platform fail your employees

At GroupHEALTH, we understand why Canadian businesses of all sizes need a better benefits plan experience and why they shouldn’t feel trapped in a plan that doesn’t work for them. We support thousands of businesses across Canada, so let us support you. We’ll review your current benefits plan and advise you on what your many options are – for free!

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