Let me tell you what we don’t do

Employee benefits are an important part of your employee experience, and an important business expense – they need to be well-designed for your organization.

At GroupHEALTH, we make sure that Canadian businesses are getting what they need – and avoiding what will hurt them.

Here are some of the things we don’t do:

We don’t discount our benefit plans.

We’re one of the few who don’t, and here’s why: everybody loves discounts – until the discount is erased by a dramatic increase in rates at the first renewal. Instead, at GroupHEALTH we offer a sustainable rate. We build plan design options that can help contain plan costs in order to protect the sustainability of your plan over the long term. That’ why we build Smart Rx medication coverage and disability management right into every plan.

We don’t do market surveys.

Why? Because we don’t have to! Instead, we make sure that we address what your plan needs before you feel like you need to shop the market, building cost effective coverages into your plan and making sure you’re getting excellent, competitive coverage and pricing before you ask for it. Features like virtual healthcare and employee and family assistance programs were already built into GroupHEALTH plans before “the market” said they needed to be there.

We don’t give you an apples to apples plan comparison.

At GroupHEATLH, we’re strictly an oranges organization: we’ll take a look at your existing plan and then upgrade it, usually for less than what you’re paying for your existing plan. Plus, we don’t want any of our clients to miss vital plan features like medical second opinion services or accident and serious illness coverage (“ASI”, which is an instant upgrade over traditional “AD&D” coverage), which we embed in all our plans.

Let me tell you how we could help

Your benefits plan should be valuable, not burdensome. At GroupHEALTH, we understand why Canadian businesses of all sizes need a better benefits plan experience, and we make sure they get it. We support thousands of small businesses across Canada, so let us support you. We’ll review your current benefits plan and advise you on the next step to a brighter future – for free!

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