For more than 20 years, GroupHEALTH has been delivering multi-employer group benefits to both associations and buying groups across Canada. We have particular expertise in trucking and specifically designed AdvantagePLUS™ for this industry.

AdvantagePLUS™ offers:

Competitive rates

Benefits enhancements important to employees

Customized benefit plan designs

WEBS™ Online Administration (WEBS) — easy, online administration consolidating all insurers and all benefits

Next generation Accident and Serious Illness (ASI) benefits

AdvantagePLUS™ includes value-added services to give employees the resources to deal with difficult situations. Services typically include DMI’s disability management services, Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) and a medical second opinion service.


Get started in three easy steps.

1. Review your options with a licensed advisor, on phone or in person
2. Supply some basic business information, so we can give you a comparison quote
3. Finalize your benefits plan and get set up in days

Our expert advisors will speak to you by phone or in-person to build the best plan for your business.