What Truckers Need from their Benefits Plans

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What Truckers need from their benefits plans

Because GroupHEALTH has partnered with multi-employer trucking associations for years we’ve learned the unique features that the trucking industry needs from its benefits plans.

  1. Customized solutions for their unique health risks
  2. Truckers need benefits that are accessible on the road
  3. Disability claims assistance for an industry with higher than average disability claims
  4. Cost containment strategies
  5. Employee attraction and retention

Truckers have a unique set of health risks

Research shows that truck drivers face a higher risk of obesity, sleep apnea, back pain, smoking-related diseases, on-the-road accidents and workplace safety. It is important to design benefits plans that will support and target these risks- like GroupHEALTH’s coverage for sleep apnea treatment.

Truckers’ benefits need to be on the road with them

GroupHEALTH gives plan members easy access to plan information, easy claim submission, direct deposit, online administration options, and more.

Truck drivers incur higher-than-average disability claims

These claims have a significant impact on employer premiums. GroupHEALTH has ways to help you manage your disability claims, getting employees back to work quicker and tackling rising premium costs. Our exclusive Disability Management Institute supports businesses through claims management services, providing expert advice on insurance claims and their costs, and offering early intervention programs.

Benefits cost containment matters because trucking margins are thin

There are ways that trucking companies can take control and gain plan sustainability.

Prescription drug cost relief using a GroupHEALTH Smart RX solution, for example, ensures that employees have the prescriptions they need, and trucking companies protect their premiums.

Cost containment can also be achieved through buying power. Fully insured plans can be pooled to use the power of the group to stabilize pricing for associations members. Leveraging the power of the group gives trucking businesses more control in managing costs. It’s one of the reasons why GroupHEALTH has partnered with all of Canada’s trucking associations.

Trucking firms need to get off the merry-go-round of premium discounting followed by increases at renewal makes financial/resource planning unpredictable & frustrating for business owners.

Use benefits to attract new employees

Industry analysts forecast a shortage of 33,000 drivers by 2020 in Canada, increasing the need for competitive total compensation. Benefits plans can be a major attraction and retention tool. Trucking companies need benefits plans with components that truly benefit their employees. Health spending accounts, travel cancellation options, critical illness insurance and easy to use programs can go along way for employees, without hurting their employers bottom line.

Why Are Employee Health Benefits Important? 

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