Why You’re Right To Be Skeptical About The Employee Benefits Game

We are constantly asking Canadian businesses what they are looking for in a benefits provider, and the most common answers we hear aren’t questions about prices, products, or service.

The most common thing we hear is skepticism.

“The last guy told us he was different, too, and now I’m locked into unpredictable price swings, inefficient administration processes, and a plan that’s costing me more money every year without a clear return on investment.”

We Built Our Business on Skepticism

We know the employee benefits game, and we know that Canadian businesses are often on the losing side. They’re being let down by their benefits experience – it was supposed to be different, and it isn’t. Which is why, at GroupHEALTH, our goal is to zig when everyone else is zagging.

Our partnerships with Canada’s most innovative health and insurance providers mean we can build employee health benefit plans around the client, not mega-insurer processes.

Only Our Expert Advisors Have Access to This Difference

We’ve broken the traditional insurer-broker relationship. We don’t sell employee benefits “on the side”, we’re not captive to a single insurer, and we don’t “up-sell” other types of insurance. Our expert advisors do employee benefits, full stop, and they do it your way, not our way.

Let Us Prove It to You

Our expert Advisor Partners know how to do things like:

  • Build cost containment features directly into your benefits plan, so during renewals there are no surprises, only solutions.
  • Embed features like disability management services and virtual healthcare in your plan, to give you options to reduce your claims experience and improve your overall ROI.
  • Set your new plan up using just email and websites – no more lousy, outdated paper-based administration practices that ruin your efficiency.

Experience the difference

At GroupHEALTH, we’re known for creating unique, configurable employee health benefits plans that break the traditional mold.

Take 10 minutes to talk to an expert and see how looking beyond the cookie cutter can save you money, while providing your employees with a great plan.

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