Work smarter, not harder: Get the most out of your day!

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We are constantly inundated with distractions, resulting in loss of concentration and increased procrastination when completing personal or professional tasks. Take a mindful approach to your day and take back control of your time by incorporating these tips to improve your daily productivity.

  • Plan your day

    Before you rush into the day, spend a few moments thinking about the day, and then build a quick plan for yourself. Use easy tools to assist you: a written to do list or app or a calendar – even a whiteboard on the fridge or in the office can help. Remember to be realistic: good goals are always attainable. Follow the plan, but allow space for change, as sometimes priorities can shift – and that is ok!

  • Work to your strengths

    Take a week to assess your energy and focus levels – when are you at your most productive, your most creative, your most collaborative, or your most task-focused? Deliberately build your schedule around your own rhythms. Remember: understanding when and how you work best will help you achieve your goals!

  • Take breaks

    Optimize your performance and balance your energy by using downtime and breaks well. Both your body and your brain need breaks throughout the day, so make sure you factor in appropriate rest periods. An easy way to remember to take a break: use the timer function on your phone (some smart watches have this built in!). When the timer goes off, step away either mentally or physically from what you are doing to go for a quick walk, stretch, or get a snack. This allows you to reset and come back ready to conquer your task with a fresh mindset.

  • Practice mindful eating

    Task lists and organizational tools can increase productivity – but maintaining a healthy balanced diet makes a big difference too. A well-planned diet will help you maintain blood sugar levels to keep your energy balanced. Plus having healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, or nuts readily available – while making less healthy food harder to access – can help improve your overall health. Not only is maintaining a healthy diet good for your physical health, but it is also good for your mind.

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

GroupHEALTH is committed to promoting education and awareness to employees and the community about the Indigenous history of Canada. We encourage you to leave space this month to reflect and learn.

For more information on National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on September 30th, visit the Downie & Wenjack Fund.

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