Why Do WCB Premiums Increase?

Why Do WCB Premiums Increase? | GroupHEALTH Benefit SolutionsEmployers across Canada are often faced with challenges when their WCB premiums increase. They don’t understand why – or what to do. In fact, many employers believe that there is nothing that they can do about it. But WCB premium increases are not necessarily inevitable – with strategic management, employers can save money.

How Do WCB Premiums Work?

Employers are assigned a “WCB classification unit” with other similar businesses. All the businesses within the classification unit pay the same base premium rate. However, if your organization has less claims, or less expensive claims, than other similar businesses you can receive discounts on the base premium. These can be up to 50% of the base premium rate! Alternatively, if your claims costs are higher than the average, you may face surcharges of up to 100%. This discount or surcharge amount is called your experience rating adjustment. It is applied to the base premium to calculate your premium.

How Do I Reduce My WCB Costs?

Fortunately, even if you are in a surcharge position with WCB steps can be taken to reduce your premiums. Steps can include a comprehensive workplace health and safety program that helps prevent employee injuries, returning employees back to work quickly, and proactively managing claims.

One key factor in reducing your WCB costs: outsourced professional claims management services. Importantly, this can save you both money and time. When an employee is injured on the job, DMI steps in to minimize the cost of injuries and accidents and facilitates early return to work. DMI’s WCB Claims Management Team supports you and your employees through these situations, by reducing hassles and cutting through red tape.

What can DMI Do for you?

DMI’s Proactive WCB claims management includes: scrutiny of WCB claims decisions to ensure law and policy is followed, process training for Supervisors and Managers, professional appeals management, and successful return to work planning. This a win for everyone: your employees get back to their full earnings faster, and your business reduces the often costly impact of disability leaves.

At DMI, our fixed monthly retainer model is budget friendly and allows you to incorporate our services into your existing budget with minimal impact. The service agreement is RISK FREE: you can terminate our services at any time for no additional cost or penalties – we simply ask for 60-days notice to transition active claims files.

Talk To An Expert, With No Obligation

Learn more about lowering your WCB premiums by visiting https://www.disabilityinstitute.com/claims-management/. You can request a free review of your WCB claims experience from a DMI expert to determine if you will benefit from DMI’s claims management services.

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