Who makes your benefits decisions: your broker or your accountant?

Your benefits broker might be your cousin, friend or someone you’ve had a relationship with for ages. You talk business once a year at the renewal, and sometimes not even then. Before 2020 your business was operating “normally”, and you could afford to overlook your benefits plan – it didn’t seem broken so why fix it?

But the pandemic has changed everything, and now you have new priorities. You may not have heard much from your broker, but your accountant is sure talking to you regularly. You’re more alert to where you can be doing better, and you’re looking for ways you can respond to the new normal.

Your broker is telling you that everything’s fine. Your accountant is urging action. Who do you listen to?

How can I gain control over my employee benefits plan?

If your broker is not helping you minimize your costs while providing the best possible benefits plan for your employees, it’s time to listen to your accountant. On the right platform you can reduce your expenses by changing your plan design, without compromising plan quality.

Where can I find flexible options that won’t break my budget?

If your broker is telling you there are no other options, listen to your accountant. At GroupHEALTH, our Smart Plan for Small Business is configurable, comprehensive, and affordable. You decide what benefits you put into your plan and how much you want to spend.

Shouldn’t I wait until the date of my plan renewal?

Why stay stuck when you can get moving? Only GroupHEALTH-certified Advisor Partners have access to our unique cost-containment platform, and you can make the switch now – not when it’s too late. It doesn’t need to be difficult, and we make sure it’s convenient, quick and smooth.

Gain Control Today!

GroupHEALTH and its network of Advisor Partners are here to assist every small business that needs advice or assistance. We will evaluate your current group benefits plan and provide you with a suitable solution fitting your business model and the needs of your employees.

Take 10 minutes to talk to an expert and see how GroupHEALTH can provide your employees with a great plan.

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