Two Major Reasons for Lost Productivity – And What You Can Do About It

One of the best reasons to offer an employee benefits plan is to help keep (and even increase) the productivity of employees.

This means building an employee benefits plan that addresses root causes for unproductivity and embeds productivity solutions into the plan design.

The Challenge of Absenteeism

According to Statistics Canada, the average absenteeism rate in 2018 was 10 days per full-time employee. This rate has continued to increase over the past five years. There might be a variety of reasons why employees are absent, but physical and mental health concerns are a major reason.

When employees don’t have access to good healthcare, they’ll get sick – and remain sick. This will keep them from work, resulting in countless hours of productivity lost.

The Hidden Challenge of Presenteeism

“Presenteeism” is less well-known, but real: it’s when employees show up for work, but because of physical or mental health concerns cannot focus or perform at fully productive levels.

As with absenteeism, the impact to employers is immediate: you lose whatever productivity you needed from that employee that day, and you may even have to pay another employee to keep the business performing.

Employers Have Options

Even the most basic health benefits – like prescription drug coverage and dental coverage – can give employees access to health services that can help improve their physical and mental health.

But employers can do even more, at relatively low cost.

GroupHEALTH embeds services like virtual healthcare, powered by Akira and employee assistance programs in all of its benefits plans. These give employees immediate and affordable access to preventative or treatment services. Employers get help boosting their productivity, and employees remain healthy and happy.

Help your employees – and your benefits plan – be well

At GroupHEALTH, we’re known for creating unique, configurable employee health benefits plans that break the traditional mold.

Take 10 minutes to talk to an expert and see how looking beyond the cookie cutter can save you money, while providing your employees with a great plan.

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