Turning Positive Thinking into Positive Action

Turning Positive Thinking into Positive Action | Positive Thinking | GroupHealth

It’s often said that living with a glass half full mentality can help us lead better lives, get through tough times, and improve our overall health and well-being. But thinking positively is more challenging than it appears, especially when there can be so much negativity, competition, and struggle around us. Below are some tips to help you form new habits that can help you turn a positive mindset into positive action.

  • Form new habits

    When something upsets you or you feel uncomfortable, how do you react? Do you become defensive, agitated, or start sabotaging yourself? Instead of immediately going down a path of self-criticism, try to take control of your energy and refocus it. Train your mind to make positive thoughts the first course of action. Instead of “I’m so bad at this” or “I can’t believe they said that about my work” transform these thoughts into “Everyone starts somewhere” or “They really care about me and my improvement”.

  • Get uncomfortable

    While positive thinking is considered a good thing, sacrificing growth for positivity can be a problem. Opening yourself up to healthy, constructive criticism can change the way you work, plan, and execute tasks in life. Look for people who can give you productive feedback and review of your actions and output. By breaking free from the comfort of strictly positive thinking, you increase your chances of self-improvement and progress.

  • Lesson learned

    We’re allowed to make mistakes in life – and most of us will make a lot of them! Rather than focusing on failure, shift your mindset into thinking of what lesson can be learned. From there, you can figure out what you’ll do differently next time. Bypassing the negative allows you to be present in the moment and open yourself up to change.

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