Get outside! The benefits of time spent outdoors

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Canadians spend approximately 90% of our time indoors – that’s a lot!

There is much to see and do across our country and the summer weather invites us to spend time outside. Read on for some of the benefits, strategies, and things to consider while you soak up the outdoors this summer!

  • Refresh

    It’s called fresh air for a reason. Taking in outside air more often hits us with a wave of oxygen, a splash of rejuvenating scents, and connects us to the air we breathe in ways that just can’t happen indoors. Consider moving some of your activities like grocery shopping outdoors to a farmers market and enjoy fresh air with your fresh produce.

  • Recharge

    The ambient nature of the outdoors has restorative properties which help us recover from mental fatigue. Since we don’t need to focus on the beauty of the natural world to enjoy it, our minds are free to wander while our bodies do the same. Spending as few as 15 minutes in a forest can lower symptoms of anxiety and depression and help foster a positive mood.

  • Replenish

    In addition to fresh air and a fresh perspective, time outdoors gives us exposure to the warmth and energy of the sun. The World Health Organization estimates that five to 15 minutes of sunlight on your arms, hands, and face 2-3 times a week is enough to boost vitamin D. What’s more, sunlight can help trigger the production of serotonin – improving our mood, calm, and focus. Try enjoying a happy and healthy lunch by dining al fresco!

  • Renew your resolution

    Six months down and six more to go in 2022. Did you make a resolution to work on your fitness? Summer is a great time to build on the new beginnings of Spring and the warm and sunny weather beckons us all to get outside more often. Remember, small changes can add up to a big impact over time so, set some time targets for yourself to get outside!

  • Remember outdoor health and safety

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