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September can be like a second “new years”: kids (and adults!) go back to school, and routines that may have been paused in the summer resume or get adjusted. It’s a great time to reflect on the past nine months, and plan for the rest of the year. Take control this September, and put yourself back in charge of your health.

  • Reset your goals

    Now is the time to look back at any goals you created for 2022 and reflect. Life is busy and it’s ok if you are not on track to accomplish what you wanted to. Rather than focusing on what you didn’t accomplish, set new goals, like walking daily, cooking healthy meals, or meditating. Be realistic when setting goals and have grace with yourself if you struggle along the way.

  • Unplug

    Prioritize time away from technology. Staring at a screen can cause your eyes to strain. Too much time on devices or online platforms can also increase anxiety and stress for some people. Try to be intentional with your screen time and take breaks throughout the day. Avoid screen time before bed to help you get a better sleep – if you can, don’t bring your phone into the bedroom!

  • Prioritize yourself

    Schedule your annual checkups with your doctor, dentist, and optometrist if you haven’t done so this year. These appointments are important to prevent or detect health concerns. Our eyes are especially important as they can impact so much of what we do: taking care of them is vital to our overall health.

Late on your annual eye check-up or don’t know your prescription? Schedule an appointment at a Bailey Nelson location near you. In additional don’t forget to take advantage of our exclusive offers by GroupHEALTH for prescription and progressive eyewear this fall to help you see clearly!


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