Move Towards Success with Employee Health Benefits Plan

Businesses that take time to set up an employee health benefits plan are likely to see significant returns on their investment in the form of a healthier and more productive workforce. As you look to move towards success, have you aligned your business goals with your health benefits strategy?

Let’s look at where an employee health benefits plan might take you:

Start small

Business success is a culmination of many small steps and actions. An employee benefit plan like GroupHEALTH’s Smart Plan for Small Business is an excellent first step. You’ll be covered in an affordable, and comprehensive way, that’s easy to implement and configured for your business and employees’ needs. And it allows you the flexibility to upgrade, ensuring you get a benefits plan that fits like a well-cut outfit whatever size you grow to.

Get growing

With a valuable benefits plan, you’ll attract and retain employees that can help grow your business. Foster a positive company culture, supported by a benefits plan that aligns with the company’s values, to make your company somewhere people want to work.

With GroupHEALTH, you can adjust your benefits plan to match the needs of your employees.

Make an impact

Now you’ve taken the time to set yourself up for success. You’ve grown and maybe you’ve become a market leader with an impact on the industry. It’s time to consider what you need from your benefits plan and if it’s still a fit for your company.

An Administrative Service Only (ASO) arrangement might be next for you. GroupHEALTH’s Hybrid ASO allows you to make the configurations that protects you from unexpected cost increases by lowering the risk of self-insuring extended health and dental benefits.


We’ve experienced the challenges of building a business ourselves, so we took what we learned and built GroupHEALTH by listening to Canadian business owners and their challenges with employee benefits. Click the button below to request a no obligation 15 minute conversation with GroupHEALTH today.

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