Managing economic uncertainty

Canadian businesses, employees, and their families are all experiencing the uncertainty that pandemic, economic and geo-political concerns bring. Your health benefits plan doesn’t solve global issues but could certainly support your employees during uncertain times. And if it’s built well, it will help support your business even in uncertain times.

This is how you build your plan around a known and unknown future.


Cost containment measures make your costs more predictable, reducing surprises at renewal. Prescription drugs and disability cost-containment tools are vital to saving you money in the long run.

At GroupHEALTH, our unique cost containment strategies help balance benefits costs for employers with excellent employee coverage.


Employers aren’t the only ones frustrated by one-size-fits-all employee benefits plans – employees get frustrated too. Make sure you can change your benefits as your business or employees need, and as circumstances change.

GroupHEALTH clients receive a comprehensive and flexible plan that grows with their company – with regular upgrades to make sure their plan adjusts to new opportunities.

Smart Plan for Small Business

The Smart Plan for Small Business includes every key feature of a modern, adaptable benefits plan, while allowing your business to add or upgrade components as your business needs.

GroupHEALTH’s Smart Plan is one of our most requested benefit plan solutions! It helps organizations like yours retain employees and lower employee benefit costs, providing stability.

Focus on what matters

Getting through uncertain times means focusing on growth, not bureaucracy. Efficient services like online employee enrolment & paper free plan administration platforms keeps distraction down.

At GroupHEALTH our benefits plans can be run anywhere, at any time, from almost any device, so that you’re not wasting time with overhead.

Build a better future today!

At GroupHEALTH, we are helping small businesses through good times and tough times. GroupHEALTH’s breakthrough approach has helped thousands of small businesses across Canada, so let us help you. We’ll review your current benefits plan and advise you on the next step to brighter future – free of charge.

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