From Languishing to Flourishing

From Languishing to Flourishing | GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions

Some people say that languish is the dominant feeling of 2021. Languish is described as a sense of stagnation and emptiness – feeling as if you are muddling through your days. While it is normal to sometimes feel this way, especially during a global pandemic, all it takes is a small shift or pivot to flourish instead. Below are a few tips to help you pivot to thrive and prosper.

  • Acknowledge the feeling

    Identifying what and how we are feeling may help us act on making mindful changes. Knowing what to call a feeling helps us understand what it’s ‘made of’ to better identify it if it comes up again in the future.

  • Look for empty buckets

    Recognizing what is contributing to a feeling of languish helps us get a better sense of how we arrived at this feeling. Perhaps chores have slipped a little, we aren’t speaking with friends as often, we haven’t slept well or it’s a combination of factors. The things contributing to a sense of emptiness can quickly become a list of buckets to fill.

  • Re-frame & reclaim your narrative

    A shift in mindset goes a long way toward feeling better. For example, rather than getting down on yourself for not hitting your step goal, use that time to take a quick mental break instead. Once you’re done, lace up those sneakers and try again!

  • Do one small thing – plant a seed

    Small actions, done repeatedly over time, can increase your overall sense of well-being. Random acts of kindness (things we would not regularly do) are shown to promote well-being in others and can increase our happiness and life satisfaction, making us feel more engaged, less anxious, and more connected to others.

In nature, languish manifests as deterioration. For a withering plant to re-grow and flourish, it needs to be put in the proper environment, given the right nutrition, and shown ongoing care and patience. The same is true for us. If you feel like you’re languishing, take comfort knowing that it’s normal and a feeling that you can work through. Always consult a healthcare professional if your feelings move beyond languishing.


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