Celebrate Inclusion with Action

We hear a lot about inclusivity, but what does it mean to actually be inclusive?

Inclusivity is so much more than just mere words, it requires action. In today’s diverse and interconnected world, celebrating inclusion means truly engaging and trying to ensure that every individual is embraced and valued.

Here’s some ways you can actively create an inclusive environment:

1. Be mindful of your communication

Construct an atmosphere of openness and respect by being aware of your tone, body language, and words. Taking time to actively listen to others without judgement and explore their perspectives by asking questions. This helps build a space where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves.

2. Continue to proactively educate yourself

Stay open, stay curious, and don’t fear mistakes. Challenge your own biases, assumptions, and stereotypes by seeking out diverse sources of information. This will only lead to a better understanding of the world around you. Take the initiative to learn, and unlearn, by doing this you can become an advocate for inclusivity and promote accessibility for all.

3. Always welcome new people

Inclusive communities are built on the foundation of welcoming and embracing newcomers. In any setting, it’s crucial that everyone has an environment they feel safe and supported in. Actively get to know people outside of your circle, by inviting them to your activities. The only way to do so, is by getting uncomfortable.

As Daisy Auger-Dominguez said, “Awareness without action, means nothing”. By acting today, you can amplify the voices of tomorrow.

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