A Healthier You: The Power of Exercise

Is exercise part of your health and wellness routine? We know it can be hard to prioritize amongst life’s demands, but the impact of building movement into our routines can have a long-term positive impact.

Here are some benefits of exercise to get you going:

Increased energy

  • Do you feel tired often? Exercise might give you that extra daily boost that you’ve been looking for.

Improved sleep

  • Physical fatigue and mental exhaustion from exercise can help you get a more restful sleep.

Reduced stress

  • Exercise has a calming effect; it can help you feel less stressed throughout the day.

Combats health conditions and diseases

  • Strengthening your heart, bones, and muscles can be great for preventative wellness.

Improves mood

  • You’ve got your heart pumping, and your endorphins are flowing. It’s easy to get a mood boost from exercise, especially when you’ve completed it!

Incorporating movement into your routine doesn’t have to look like a 5-day workout week. Here are four simple activities that can help get you moving without a gym membership:

  1. Take a walk once a day,
  2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator,
  3. Spend less time in front of your screens, and
  4. Find out about walking or cycling paths near you and use them.

Finding time for exercise may feel challenging, but setting yourself up to get the benefits of exercise will be worth it in the long-term!

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