How To Prevent Fraud On Your Benefits Plan

Benefits Fraud and How to Prevent It | GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions

Benefits fraud happens when a person intentionally submits false or misleading information to their insurance provider for financial gain. Not only can benefits fraud lead to increased plan costs (and therefore potentially reduced coverage), the consequences of participating in a benefits fraud can include job loss – or even criminal charges.

March is Fraud Awareness Month, and so here are four simple ways you can help prevent benefits fraud:

  • Secure Your Information

    It’s essential to keep your benefits plan information in a secure place by treating it how you would with other important documents such as your passport or driver’s license. Remember: do not lend your benefits card to anyone!

  • Understand Your Plan

    Familiarize yourself with your benefits plan to make sure you know what is covered and what is not. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – make sure you understand the services, treatments, and products recommended to you.

  • Keep It Accurate

    Billing for dental or health services that weren’t provided or ‘double dipping’ the same claim to increase your reimbursement is illegal. Always ensure receipts accurately reflect the product or service you received.

  • Report It

    Notice anything suspicious? You can report fraudulent activity here.
    If you want to learn more about the impact of benefits fraud or would like to report fraudulent activity, visit

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