Four Unique Tips to Keeping Your Mind Healthy

4 Unique Tips to Keeping Your Mind Healthy | GroupHEALTH

The past 18 months have been a whirlwind for all of us. While we’re not quite at the end of this journey, it’s important to continue practicing self-care and keeping your mind healthy. Here are some tips to keep you going through the end of the pandemic.

  • Dance like no one is watching

    Time to get silly and have fun! Turn your kitchen, living room, even bathroom into a dance studio. Pump up the volume on your favourite tunes and start moving! If you have children, let them join in and burn off some energy. Despite the world being a little gloomy, it’s important that we continue to have fun and stay positive.

  • Rethink “social distancing”

    We’ve had to quickly learn what it means to socially distance, but this doesn’t mean you have to cut your social circle off entirely. If you’re in need of human connection, join an online community related to one of your hobbies or become pen pals with a friend.

  • Take a forest bath

    The Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing” involves walking into an area with trees and taking in the atmosphere of the forest. The chemical released by trees activates our parasympathetic nervous system, sending our bodies into de-stress mode. Doing so can decrease levels of depression, improve your mental health, and boost your overall mood.

  • Create a to-don’t list

    Self-care isn’t just about adding new and positive things to your daily routine; sometimes you need to hit pause. Take a few moments to reflect on what isn’t benefiting you in your life, whether big or small, and write it down. Once your to-don’t list is finished, put it in a highly visible spot to keep you accountable to these boundaries.

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