Better Advice Equals Better Employee Benefits

Better Advice Equals Better Employee Benefits | GroupHEALTHWhen it comes to employee benefits, there are a lot of options and a lot of providers out there. There are both insurance companies and brokers competing for your business, and many promise low prices and great service. The problem is, these providers are quick to sign you up for a plan but are less invested once they have your business. A year later at renewal time, a large rate increase and a year of sub-par service might make the lowest priced plan seem a lot less attractive. It’s worth taking some time to find the right provider who can give you the right advice.

Advisor Partners

At GroupHEALTH, our employee benefits programs are delivered to you through our knowledgeable team of Advisor Partners. Our exclusive Advisor Partner network is unique: Advisor Partners must qualify to participate in our network by meeting our high standards and undergo training to ensure an exceptionally high quality of service and advice. They must consistently demonstrate an understanding of not only GroupHEALTH’s distinctive products and services, but a clear sense of how to keep employee benefit plans financially sustainable for clients. They work closely with GroupHEALTH’s Client Services and Underwriting teams to provide the optimal solution for your organization.

Critical to an Advisor Partners value is their ability to match the right solutions for your business. Many of GroupHEALTH’s Advisor Partners have particular expertise in certain sectors, and this helps ensure that your employee benefits plan is understood and configured appropriately for your needs. Employee benefits can be complex – having experts in your corner who can design a plan without resorting to corner cutting is key to a satisfactory benefits experience.

Better Value

When you work with one of GroupHEALTH’s Advisor Partners, you also get better value for your benefit dollars. Your Advisor Partner brings you competitive rates as a result of GroupHEALTH’s group buying power. GroupHEALTH has over $650 million in premium – this provides a lot of bargaining power when working with benefits solution providers.

The other key difference is that GroupHEALTH is focused on providing benefits over the long-term – sustainable benefits. This means cost containment measures are built into the plan. Any broker can bring you a low-cost option as a result of a deep discount given by the insurer. The problem is, that low cost plan usually results in a huge increase at the first renewal. Deep discounts are a one-time thing, whereas cost containment is continuous. At GroupHEALTH, cost containment is built into prescription drug plans, disability benefits and more. The result is better value.

Better Benefits

When you seek out better advice, you also end up with better benefits. At GroupHEALTH, we have preferred and exclusive relationships with insurance carriers and health services providers across Canada. We choose the best products to create better employee benefit plans. These strategic relationships mean we’re able to include value adds and unique products that aren’t available through other providers (or when dealing directly with an insurance company). We’ve worked with providers to develop our own products that are not available elsewhere. They’re better benefits, and it makes all the difference.

Better Service

In order to have the best employee benefits experience, it takes more than good benefits. It takes exceptional service. GroupHEALTH’s team acts as an extension of your human resources and Plan Administration teams. We work to alleviate obstacles and ease day-to-day plan administration duties.

GroupHEALTH has a robust service team, deep expertise and strong industry knowledge to resolve problems and create innovative solutions. Our market-leading technology platform allowed us to develop our “One Solution” approach that provides organizations with:

  • One administration platform for all benefits
  • One billing statement
  • One enrollment
  • One employee benefit card

This translates into better service because it provides significant time savings for your Plan Administration or Human Resources team. It makes it easy to administer your benefits and it also makes things a lot less confusing for plan members. They have one card on their phone through the myGroupHEALTH app that contains all the information they need to use their employee benefits.

By delivering great service and advice, your Advisor Partner and the team at GroupHEALTH are ensuring you really do get better benefits.

Good Advice is Key

Do you want to find out how great your employee benefits plan can be when you’re working with the right people? Are you looking for better advice and better employee benefits? Review your options with one of our licensed advisors on the phone, or contact us for a comparison quote.

Whether you’re looking for extended health and dental coverage, disability coverage, or life and critical illness coverage, GroupHEALTH has affordable benefits packages that work as hard as you do.

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