The Benefits Problem You Didn’t Know You Had

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Do you know what your benefits advisor is really doing to manage your plan?

Many Canadian businesses are under the impression that their employee benefits are the very best that’s available to them. Some have used the same benefits advisor for years – and might even consider that advisor a friend now.

The renewal conversation is the same every year. The advisor tells you about your claims history, explains that drug costs keep going up, and then tells you with a sheepish shrug that you’ll probably need to write a bigger cheque this year. Sound familiar

Do you consider this a problem?

Your business has changed a lot over the years, so why has your annual renewal conversation stayed the same? Moving from one big insurer to another doesn’t really change anything. Your coverage stays the same (even though employee needs have changed), and your hands are tied while you remain at the mercy of forces outside of your control, nervously awaiting your next renewal.

Take back control over your employee costs!

The annual renewal conversation should really be an annual solutions conversation. Your advisor should be solving your problems, not the insurance company’s problems. You need to be heard!

Step-by-Step Guide to Employee Health Benefits Renewals 

Let us give you a fresh perspective.

GroupHEALTH has been shaking up the group benefits industry for decades. If you’ve never heard about us it may be because your advisor has settled into the comfortable routine of nothing-ever-changes renewal conversations. Unfortunately, it also means that you’ve probably never heard of products like mid-term disability, which can save your business money on LTD claims, or FormuCARE, which caps your drug claim costs, or WEBS, the most efficient plan administration system for employers in Canada. Contact GroupHEALTH and build your plan today.

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