Your Annual Benefits Broker Effectiveness Checklist

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A good benefits plan is the product of good benefits advice. This is why your annual benefits renewal isn’t just an opportunity to evaluate your benefits plan, it’s also an opportunity to evaluate the quality of advice you’re getting.

Here are five simple ways to ensure that you’re getting maximum value from your benefits broker:

  • My Broker Gives Me New Options

Employee benefits are like any other business – there are always new products and services available. If your benefits broker isn’t offering new solutions, you may be missing something you need.

  • My Broker Understands How My Needs Are Changing

A lot can happen in 12 months! If your annual benefits renewal doesn’t start with a conversation about how your organization has changed, then you may be paying for benefits that don’t match your needs.

  • My Broker Explains Why My Benefits Costs Are Going Up (Or Down)

Cost changes in your benefits plan are always explainable – and you should get an explanation! If you don’t have a clear understanding of why your benefits cost what they do, you may be paying too much!

  • My Broker Offers Solutions, Not Problems

If your broker explains why your costs are rising, or why your plan is a hassle to administer, without offering cost containment strategies or better plan administration tools, then you’re missing out.

  • My Broker Meets Me On My Terms

Some organizations want a face-to-face meeting at renewal. Others need an email or telephone conversation. But you’re the boss – not your broker. Make sure you’re getting what you need, how you need it.

Better Advice = Better Benefits

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