Back on track: Achieving your goals for 2022

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A new year marks a time of change and self-improvement. 2022 likely started with eagerness and determination, but some of us may have already fallen back into old habits. If you’re struggling to hold yourself to your resolutions, try setting goals instead using our tips below.

  • Make a plan

    Your goals are set, now it’s time to plan out how you’re going to achieve them and identify any obstacles that may get in your way. When reviewing your goals, make sure they’re SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. To learn more on how to create SMART goals, check out our article: Better New Year’s Solutions by Goal Setting.

  • Always in view

    Keep your goals front and center to serve as a reminder of what you’re working toward. Try writing them out on a sticky note and placing them in spots you visit often such as a household mirror, computer monitor, or fridge door. Writing goals in a notebook and closing it can push them out of sight and out of mind.

  • Be accountable

    Find an accountability method that works for you. Some strategies include telling a friend your goal and updating them regularly on your progress or tracking your progress in a spreadsheet. Incorporating an accountability method will make it easier to see how far you’ve come and build on your progress!

  • Be flexible with yourself

    Plans can change and that’s ok. Rather than dwelling on failures or a missed deadline, have compassion for yourself and plan how you’re going to get back on track. If the goal has become outdated due to changes in your life or circumstances, update your goal or replace it with one more applicable.

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