3 Ways GroupHEALTH Can Improve Your Benefits

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At GroupHEALTH we’ve found ways to inject new ideas into a benefits sector that is in desperate need of a change.

We help thousands of Canadian employers find a balance between benefits plans that help attract and retain their employees, and sustainable plan designs that protect businesses from surprise renewal increases.

The result – your business gets to provide a cost effective benefits plan, and your employees receive more than just ‘basic’ benefits coverage.

Here’s how we give you better benefits:

1. Options & flexibility

GroupHEALTH partners with some of Canada’s most innovative insurers and service providers to give your business maximum flexibility for your benefits plan. You can change virtually any part of your plan without the cost and hassle of changing your administrative set up. Gone are the days of a one size fits all benefits plan, or being held captive to a single set of solutions.

2. Time saving technology

Our industry-leading administration system gives you one easy online place to manage your plan and handle all the administrative HR headaches you don’t want to deal with (and don’t want your team spending time on either).

3. Products that address root costs

Most rising benefits costs are due to rising drug costs, increasing disability claims, and low employee wellness. GroupHEALTH’s exclusive products and plan designs confront these costs directly, meaning you can offer your employees the services they need without breaking your budget.

You really need to speak to us!

GroupHEALTH’s exclusive partner network needs just 30 minutes of your time to solve the problem that you didn’t even know you had. Contact us today and we’ll schedule a free, no-obligation consultation that could end up saving your business thousands of dollars.

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