Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Supporting Your Employees When They Need it Most

The last thing your employees need during a traumatic time is financial worries. Life Insurance is included in every GroupHEALTH plan. But we don’t stop with traditional elements of life coverage. We’ve added the following enhancements to extend support when the need is greatest:

Living Benefit 

Employees diagnosed with a terminal illness may be eligible to receive 50% of their group life insurance amount while still alive.  The maximum benefit payable under this section is $50,000.

Accident and Serious Illness Benefit

Life throws us the unexpected – especially when it comes to serious illness. This benefit is the more sophisticated cousin of Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage. It includes traditional AD&D coverage, but also has provisions for the very real possibility if a plan member is diagnosed with a serious illness or a critical disease.

Stillbirth Benefit under the Dependent

No one wants to even think about it, but unfortunately, terrible things do happen. Most dependent life coverage does not cover a stillborn child. Our dependent life coverage provides a dependent life benefit for a stillborn child.


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